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"I finally had a chance to test the first generation of Serpent Skin Camo on September 21, 2013. I went archery hunting for elk with my father. Since I hadn't gotten into archery hunting yet I was moral support, and a pack horse. At daybreak, we put on our Serpent Skin shirts and started sneaking up a hill to where we had watched a group of elk the night before. At one point we were standing in the open with two cows looking at us, maybe 50 yards away. They had no clue what was happening, and we were confident in the Serpent Skin Camo. When we got to the patch of timber where we had watched the elk the night before, my dad set up behind a big pine tree and I sat down between two small fir trees. We cow-called a couple of times and within two minutes, a nice bull had run into the opening. He stood there looking around at about 50 yards, so I cow talked. He turned and came running at me full speed, and I was starting to question my choice of cover. My dad began drawing back his bow when the bull went behind a tree, but when he came to full draw his bow made a "pop." The bull stopped in his tracks and looked at my dad, now only at 25 yards. Though it was a tough angle, my dad was able to stand up and make the shot without scaring the bull. He made a great shot and we spent the day packing out the bull. We were both very happy with the Serpent Skin Camo and it will be our go-to camo from now on!"

                                                                                                                             CJ E. Idaho